How to Join EEYM – Recruit Training

Emerald Empire Young MarinesEmerald Empire Young Marines holds its meetings in Eugene, Oregon. Members are from the Eugene, Springfield area and many other towns and cities in Lane County, Oregon. To join the unit as a Young Marine you must earn the title of “Young Marine” by undergoing recruit training.

Recruits must be between 8 and 18 years of age, or until completion of high school. Recruits do not have to be straight A students, but they must be in good standing in school and at home. This does not mean you must have the “perfect child”. Many parents allow their child to join the program for direction, discipline and to help develop self-confidence and leadership. Helping good kids to become our future leaders is what this program is all about.

We are not a scared straight program or a program for kids with disciplinary problems. If your child has a record they may not be approved to join the unit. This program is designed to help good kids develop leadership skills, self-discipline and self-confidence. If the child does not want to join in our program they are not accepted.

Emerald Empire Young Marines encourages potential recruits and their parents to visit us at one of our Saturday meetings. Meetings are held twice per month. By visiting, you will have a better opportunity to learn if the Young Marines is for you. Visiting is easy, just use the contact form to make contact and one of out leaders will get back with you to discuss the program and make arrangements for your visit.

Emerald Empire Young Marines holds at least two recruit training series “boot camps” per year. Our next recruit training will take place the last two weekends of September, 2013.

All recruits attend recruit training. This training instills a sense of pride and personal accomplishment, forming the basis of confidence and self-esteem. Upon graduation you will obtain the rank of Young Marine Private.

The physical aspect of the training is not intense, but it is designed to challenge the recruits and help them to develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment. The close order drill is used to teach the recruits how to work together as a team for a common goal, to drill with perfection. Recruits learn military terms and jargon, Marine Corps rank structure, military customs and courtesies and uniform care and maintenance.

Young Marines is the official youth program of the United States Marine Corps; however, it is NOT a recruiting tool. The Young Marines program is the Marine Corps contribution to the drug demand reduction effort by requiring that all Young Marine units conduct quarterly drug demand reduction classes to educate our youth to the dangers of drugs.

Graduation day is always a proud and memorable day for the Young Marine and his/her family, parents and friends. The boys and girls graduate and obtain the distinguished title of Young Marine. Upon graduation they can now wear, with pride, the uniform of a United States Young Marine.

Emerald Empire Young Marines
Meeting Location
Veterans Memorial Bldg.
1626 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR, 97401

Brandon Mathews, Commanding Officer

Terrel D, Anderson, Executive Officer