SPACES Summer Programs

SPACES Summer Programs

Summer, Program of, Adventures, Challenges, Encampments, and Schools (SPACES).

Young Marine, are you looking for a summer adventure? Did you know that as a Young Marine you have the opportunity to participate in one of the Young Marines National Summer Programs of: Adventures, Challenges, Encampments, and Schools (SPACES)?

There are leadership schools and programs for junior and advanced Young Marines. Older Young Marines can participate in Challenges. Challenges consist of training in areas such as survival skills, wilderness training, and waterbased activities.

The Adventures programs offer a historical emphasis and are designed with the younger Young Marine. Young Marine Encampments provide the opportunity for Young Marines of all ages.

The SPACES program fills up very quickly, if your are interested in one we would need to know right away so we can make sure your records are up to date. The national application process opens on 5 January at noon eastern standard time.

Terry Anderson, XO, EEYM