YM Ranks & Promotion

Ranks of the Young Marines

In the Young Marines ranks are earned. Young Marines are divided into four groups based on the Young Marine rank they hold:To earn a new rank a Young Marine must complete defined objectives. They may also be required to earn certain ribbons and/or attend certain courses or programs. When addressing Young Marines by their rank the words “Young Marine” precede the rank. When writing the Young Marine rank, the rank can be written in full, such as “Young Marine Sergeant” or shortened , such as “YM/SGT.”

Basic Young Marine Ranks

The Basic Young Marines ranks are Private, Private First Class and Lance Corporal

Required Skills and Goals for Basic Young Marine Ranks
YM Private
Young Marine Private
YM Private First Class
Young Marine Private First Class
YM Lance Corporal
Young Marine Lance Corporal



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YM Private
YM Private First Class
YM Lance Corporal

Junior Young Marine Ranks

The Junior Young Marine Ranks are Corporal and Sergeant

Required Skills and Goals for Junior Young Marine Ranks
YM Corporal
Young Marine Corporal

YM Sergeant
Young Marine Sergeant



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YM Corporal
YM Sergeant

Senior Young Marine Ranks

The Senior Young Marine Ranks are Staff Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant

YM Staff Sergeant
Young Marine Staff Sergeant

YM Gunnery Sergeant



Required Skills and Goals for Senior Young Marine Ranks

Advance Young Marine Ranks

The Advanced Young Marine Ranks are Master Sergeant, Master Gunnery Sergeant, First Sergeant and Sergeant Major. The  ranks of First Sergeant and Sergeant Major are billets and apply when a Young Marine is fulfilling a particular billet.
YM Master Sergeant
Young Marine Master Sergeant

YM Master Gunnery Sergeant
Young Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant

Billeted Ranks
YM First Sergeant
Young Marine First Sergeant

YM Sergeant Major
Young Marine Sergeant Major


Learn about Skills and Goals for Advanced Young Marine Ranks

Guide Books

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Guide Book – Junior
Guide Book – Senior
Guide Book – Advanced