Junior Rank – Skills & Goals

Junior Rank – Skills & Goals for Corporal and Sergeant

The following are examples of the skills to be learned and goals for Young Marines in the junior ranks.

  • Knowledge of key events in Young Marine and US Marine Corps history
  • Environmentally safe waste disposal in the field
  • Hiking techniques
  • Discussion of dangerous animals
  • Measuring distances on topographical maps
  • Parts of the compass and their functions
  • Orienting a map using a compass
  • Encouraging friends to stay away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • Avoiding stage freight
  • Defining leadership
  • Qualities of a leader
  • Eleven principles of leadership
  • Duties of a Young Marine Assistant Squad Leader, Squad Leader, Young Marine Platoon Guide, Young Marine Color Sergeant and Young Marine Color Guard Rifleman
  • American values
  • History of the National Anthem and the flag
  • Advanced first aid
  • Factors that cause weight loss and gain
  • Execution of column movements, saluting, and facing movements

Young Marines Junior Guidebook

Check Sheets for Junior Rank Study and Promotion